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By: Riley A, Hannah C, Jack H, Connor M, Lea M, and CJ O

Book Reviews- Levesque Period 2

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Came right from us, 7th graders in Ms. Levesque's Period 2 class. These book revies include Maximum Ride, Will Grayson, Will Grayson, The 5th Wave, and others.

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride, Max as she is called, is a 14-year old Avian Hybrid Human. Max and her five other “flock” members were made in the lab as soon as they were born to be made into mutant children. This lab, “School” as it is called, specializes in genetically enhancing an adolescents’ childhood into nothing but horrifying results. Children are made into “Erasers” or a mutant avian. Her congregation, Iggy, Fang, Nudge, Gazzy, and Angel were all bird mutants. Erasers were also enriched to morph into flesh clawing wolves when needed. These irrational beasts are the comparison of a human bounty hunter. Hunting down these six fugitives is like a walk in a park for them. These Erasers, who are also half men, chase down these homeless children. Ari, the main Eraser, will stop at nothing to get these runaways back to School. This debut book (now in a series of seven) had made Patterson book famous. This first person story is narrated in Maximums point-of-view, the oldest winged mutant out of the six. Fast paced and riveting is what James Patterson’s novel is. Once you have engorged yourself into this page-turning book, there is no way out besides reading the rest of the series. With short chapters and loose ends, it will leave you wanting more. James’s next book, Schools out-Forever, picks up this fascinating story where it had left you dangling by a tread, needing more. Patterson’s novel, told in the hands of the main character Max, is a mesmeric fiction book that has made the world of teen readers cringe over the suspense filled pages, crawling with detail and excitement. This book deserves the publicity it is getting worldwide. Another checkmark for a great book by Patterson.

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Will Grayson Will Grayson is the story of two teenage boys, who share the same name but live completely different lives, that meet through a semi-tragic event in the middle of Chicago. Will Grayson is an indie-rock-loving ‘nerd’ with a policy about shutting up; while Will Grayson is the depressed child of a divorce who’s regularly brushing off the comments overheard about him throughout the halls. The only real similarity between the two is the fact that their lives revolve around the sun that is Tiny Cooper and his heartfelt desire to produce his musical Tiny Dancer, the high school play that truly intertwines Tiny’s relationships with everybody. But will Will Grayson be able to handle all this after realizing his best friend never actually existed, while the other Will Grayson is in a constant battle in the back of his head of whether or not to follow through with Tiny’s friendship, and whether or not he likes maybe-gay Jane? Their story, along with all their friends’, will have readers laughing and smiling non-stop in this impossible-to-put-down book.

The 5th Wave

What is 16-year-old Cassie’s only priority? Survive. After a race of aliens invade Earth there are five waves sent to wipe out almost all of humanity. Cassie, her younger brother Sam and her Father have survived the first four waves of the ferocious alien attack. The 1st wave is a world-wide EMP shutting down all electricity water and anything running on a motor. The 2nd wave is a giant tsunami taking out all coastal cities. The 3rd wave is a severe virus caught by birds called the Red Plague, The Red Tsunami, etc. It will make you cough blood, cry blood, urinate blood, and almost anything else that can leave your body: blood. Finally, the 4th wave is silencers. These are aliens that look like humans, call themselves, “finishers”, and they have powerful sniper rifles watching Cassie’s every move. After the 4th wave only one rule applies- trust no one. Now that Cassie’s brother Sam was taken to safety on a bus full of children and her father was killed by their “protectors” Cassie is left alone. All she has left is she and her ”bestie” M16 assault rifle. Will Cassie save humanity, or die trying? I really like this book because there a lot of suspense and action. I think Rick Yancey did a great job with his phenomenal detailed and creative writing. It is an overall great book. I would definitely recommend this book to kids or young adults from ages 14 and up.

No Easy Day

As many know, May 2, 2011 was a very big day for the United States. It will go down in history forever. This was the day that the world’s number one most wanted man was killed- Osama Bin Laden. Right after President Obama stated that Bin Laden had been killed, news companies began to twist and exaggerate the story, presenting the wrong information to all of the United States. Former member of the SEAL team 6, Mark Owen, who was the actual man who shot and killed Bin Laden, wrote this book right after he retired from the Navy. His purpose was to assure people what really happened on the mission to kill Bin Laden. This book was made not for giving away secrets, but to inform and make you feel like you were a part of the mission. The first half of the book mainly focuses on Mark’s background and how he became and what led him up to being in the top, most powerful SEAL team (SEAL team 6.) However, the second half is when it starts getting into planning, practicing, and actually performing the mission. I would recommend this book to people who are into war stories, and like a nice thrilling book. The whole time I was reading it, I was on the edge of my seat and couldn’t put it down. This book is also very similar to the movie Zero Dark Thirty. They are about the same topic and both do a great job showing what happens on the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden. I would definitely recommend reading the book first before watching the movie, just for extra background information. To me, No Easy Day would probably be a good fit for ages 13 and up. There is higher level thinking and challenging vocabulary. I would highly endorse you to read this book, so give it a try!

The Clique Series: My Little Phony

In the hit book series of The Clique, Lisi Harrison introduces us to another #1 New York Times bestselling book filled with drama and yet another very entertaining read about friendship and revenge. To be completely honest I don’t like reading but I love this series and give this book five stars for keeping me entertained throughout the whole book. In My Little Phony the characters, aka the pretty committee, are Massie, Claire, Dylan, Alicia and Kristen. This novel takes place in the upper class part of Westchester during the winter time. Due to the fact that Massie practically forced Claire to ditch her boyfriend, Cam, their friendship takes a journey downhill. The main events in the story are that Claire craves revenge for Massie since she made Claire’s new friends leave her house on a snow day. So Claire and her best friend Layne make a scheme to inherit bed bugs and place them in the soft sheets of Massie’s king-sized, temperpedic bed. The scheme leads on to the movement about Claire’s former best friends ( The PC ) and soon turns the whole school to stand up for themselves and remove the Alpha power that the Pretty Committee contains. I believe that any girl from ages 11 to 14 would enjoy this drama filled novel that keeps your eyes locked on every page. If you watch the hit TV show Pretty Little Liars or any other shows that include lessons of friendship and revenge, I think you would enjoy this book as much as I did. Take my advice and read this series!

The Fall of Five

In the fourth book of the I am Number Four series, Pitticus Lore writes yet another action-packed book just as thrilling as the first one. The main character John also known as four is with Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and the surprise garde Ella that escaped on a different space ship are all in Nine’s penthouse in Chicago. Every day they are getting stronger getting more legacies and training has been a priority for them, but they are still not strong enough to kill the Mogadorian leader, Setrakus Ra. Also, there is still on garde that hasn’t been found yet, Five has been living on his own, but then gets found by four, Four’s girlfriend Sara, and Six but not only does only find Five, he also find Sam, his best friend who has been kept prisoner by the Mogadorians but escaped from the help of his dad who is with him too. When they get home, Ella starts having nightmares. Setrakus Ra is getting in her dreams and is showing her when the future will be like after the Mogadorians wipe out Earth just like how they wiped out Lorien. Then one special dream Ella has is when she pulls John into her dream and she is now the queen of Mogadore and she can’t stop the dream. John’s view of the dream sees a wasteland and Sam chained up to a bunch of other humans about to be executed. Will the garde survive and win the war, or perish with the rest of their kind

Book Reviews

Riley Axenroth, Hannah Cahalin, Jack Hedeman, Connor Martin, Lea Martyn, and C.J. Oravec