Youth Homelessness

By Ruby Arnel and Cassie Madill

What is Youth Homelessness?

Youth homelessness is when the young women and men are left without a home, spent all of there money on alcohol, gambling, drugs, people who are unemployed and they may have left home because of violence and relationship breakdowns .

Statistics about youth homelessness

One in six Australians aged between 15-24 years are living in poverty. Domestics, family violence and sexual assault are the main reasons that one in forty two women need help. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander rate of homelessness is 487 per 10,000 compared to 49 per 10,000 in the Australian population.
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People who you could go to for help

People who will help you during this time of your life is the

salvation army

metal health Australia

Specialist Homelessness

Australian Institutes of health and Welfare

Homelessness Australia