Rosedale Elementary Newsletter

March 2019

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Principal's Corner

Hello Rosedale Community,

We’ve almost reached Spring Break and teachers are hitting their stride with instruction. State testing is just around the corner and 3rd through 6th graders will soon be participating in math, literacy and science. We want to encourage all students to do their best and the goal for each individual is to improve from year to year. Make sure your kids are getting plenty of rest and communicate to them that state testing is important but they should maintain a healthy balance of being relaxed but focused. Thanks for supporting your students as we enter this very important time of year!


Mike Strande


Important Dates

March 15 Bingo Night, 5:30 pm to 8:30 pm

March 20 Spring Concert, 9 am

March 25-29 Spring Vacation

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Classroom Feature

JA BizTown is all the buzz in 5th Grade right now ! On March 11 we are headed to JA Biztown. JA BizTown is an 8,000 square foot mini-city where students experience how the 'real world' works. The students have been working hard learning about personal finances and careers.

Mark your calendars April 1st- April 19th, Rosedale starts Pennies for Patients. This is a fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
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Parent Tips

Expect Your Child to Help With Household Chores

Doing chores at home teaches children responsibility and self-confidence. These are skills that will benefit them in school.

When assigning chores to your child:

  • Start small. If your child isn’t used to helping around the house, pick a few tasks she can do well. Don’t say, "Clean your room." Instead, say, "You pick up the things on the floor. I’ll hang up the clothes."

  • Help your child see that what she is doing makes a difference to your family. If she sorts the laundry, let her know that it gave you time to bake cookies.

  • Show her how. If you want your child to set the table with the forks on the left, then demonstrate how it’s done. Do it with her a few times, then let her solo.

Establish standards. Not all jobs have to be done perfectly. But make sure your child knows what you expect. For example, if her job is to take out the trash, she also needs to put a new bag in the trash can.
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Rosedale Parent Group (RPG)

Please join us for the next parent group meeting on Tuesday March 12 at 7pm in the library.

Our annual Bingo and Silent Auction night is coming up on Friday March 15th. This is a fun night for our Rosedale families as well as a fundraiser. We will need lots of volunteers to make the event a success. Information will be sent home by flier and email soon as well as posted on our Facebook page.

We will have a Restaurant Night before Spring Break. It will be on March 24th at Papa’s Pizza Parlor. Please note that this is on a Wednesday night this month.

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