Ressi and Bonaldo

By Ethan Houseworth

One day in a magical forest, Bunny F.C was in the middle of a training session when Ressi walked up. He wanted to join the team, but Bonaldo, the best player on the team, said no. The bunnies didn't want a raccoon on their team. Later that day, Ressi signed a two year deal with A.C Raccoon. They were now a very dangerous team with Rinesta, Raxi, and Ravas.

A few weeks later, the teams were preparing for the Animal World Cup, the biggest tournament ever. Both of the teams made it the final. They were playing well with Bunny Neuer and Ravas making great saves. Bonaldo and Ressi had both scored and it went to extra time. GOALZO!!! Ressi won the game for A.C Raccoon, and they were now forest champs. Later that year, Ressi won his first Ballon d'Or.

Theme: Don't judge a book by it's cover.