berlin was just a village now its the capital of germany

german attractions

Keep an eye out for all these landmarks. like the Berlin dome, built between 1895 and 1905, is one of Berlins most known landmarks. Built in 1969 by the east German government, the Berlin TV tower is a demonstration of its superior technological know-how. You can check out the olympic stadium, the stadium is one of the few examples of nazi era architchiture.

Berlins big history

Berlins is a place with a lot of history. such as, how in 1936 the olyimpics were hosted in Berlin. Also is known around the globe for it's culture, thay have the opra, theater and more. In 1948(after WWll) the soviets built the Berlin wall. if you want to learn more about Berlins history take the trip to Berlin.


Berlins cool climate

if you are wanting to go to berlin you may want to know the best time to visit (wether wise). between january and febuary the wether is on a range of 30 and 40 degrees. from march to july its from the 40s to the 70s. augest to december it go's back to the 30s.if you like the cold go to berlin.

Berlin's dialects

if your going to germany you may want to lern more about the langwage. german has 2 mane forms, high german in the south and center, and low german in the north. religion and citys are associated with the dialects too. today in germany schools and telivision brodcasts use a standerd form of high german. so if you are going to germany know you need to lern both tipes of german.

berlin foods

if your in germany try some of these foods. germanys main meal is normaly at noon, the main meal usaly consists of veal, pork, beef, or chicken. it also has beets, potatos, carots, onions, or ternips. breakfast is usualy has rolls with jam and coffie or milk. if you like meat then go to germany.