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My name is Dan, and I am an instructional designer.

Nice to meet you!

My job is to offer support to instructors in instructional design and educational technology - or technology used for educational purposes. I'd like to see if I can help you enhance your course, make it more engaging or interactive, while meeting your needs and those of your students!

Instructional Design: What is it?

Instructional design is a process. The role of the instructional designer is to analyze the course content and identify the needs of the instructor and the students. From there, we work with the instructor in designing and developing materials with the goal of enhancing the course based on those needs and implementing and evaluating the result.

Instructional design is applicable to any subject matter, and is used in developing face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses.

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Below is a video tutorial I made for the mobile application Skitch. Skitch allows users to make annotations on images, webpages, or PDF files. The video is an example of the kind of materials we can create to engage students and enhance your course content.
Skitch Demonstration & Tutorial

Dan Watanabe

Instructional Designer