Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter

March 23,2017

What is going on?

Writing: Our two week unit on procedural text (How-To) will begin with a mini project. We will try to create a “Puff Mobile” using limited and incomplete instructions. Through the struggle this faces, we will create a better set of instructions for completing this project in the future. Please check the Wish List section of the newsletter on ways to help with supplies for our project this week.

Spelling Words and Grammar: bring, fast, help, every, hand, men, pull, table

This will be our second week studying pronouns. A pronoun is a word that takes the place of a noun.

Reading: We will analyze how words, images, graphics, and sounds work together in various forms to impact meaning. We will recognize different purposes of media (e.g., informational, entertainment), describe techniques used to create media messages, and identify various written conventions for using digital media (e.g., e-mail, website, video games).

Math: We will begin to subtract 3-digit numbers by practicing various strategies to solve these more challenging problems. The students will be expected to apply these different strategies when completing our daily problem solving.

Social Studies: Students will learn about Texas’ selected symbols such as the state bird, insect, seal, animal, flower, and patriotic symbols such as the Texas flag. They will learn the history of the Alamo and our Capitol building. Students will looks at some stories, poems, and art that are example of our local cultural heritage.

This and That...


March 30th Field Trip to see the Jungle Book- please wear class t-shirts- I don't anyone lost in the jungle.

April 2nd Book orders due-

April 7th- Carnival

April 14th Good Friday- No school

April 20th Zoo Field Trip

We are in need of 3 bags of lifesavers (white mint kind is the best) and one bag of straws. Ya'll always come through for me on supplies! I really appreciate your generosity. Please let me know if you can contribute.

Please drop off backpacks on the porch tomorrow. We have an assembly.

Have a good weekend!