Conservatory Roof Blinds

Conservatory Roof Blinds. All Year-Round Enjoyment of Your Conservatory

Now that the holidays have wound down and things are getting back to normal, you might find yourself longing for the peaceful solitude of your beloved conservatory. Like many owners of homes with conservatories, though, you might have been given the erroneous impression that the conservatory must be closed off during the winter due to concerns about heat transfer through the glass walls.

This simply is not true! You can indeed have your conservatory and enjoy it, too. Being able to use your conservatory in all four seasons is simply a matter of installing conservatory blinds and particularly conservatory roof blinds to minimise heat loss.

If you’ve ever spent time in your conservatory in the dead of winter and noticed that it was considerably cooler than the rest of the house, then any uncovered glass was likely the culprit. Conservatory blinds and conservatory roof blinds are both indispensable if you wish to be able to relax in your conservatory during extreme outside temperatures.

What many homeowners do not realise is that, while conservatory blinds closer to the floor are essential for blocking drafts, conservatory roof blinds are necessary to prevent the cool outdoor air from sinking into the conservatory. Since cool air weighs more than warm air, the transfer of heat out of your conservatory is inevitable if the conservatory roof is left uncovered.

By installing conservatory roof blinds, you will be able to overcome this problem and re-open the conservatory to be enjoyed to the fullest, even in winter.

Conservatory roof blinds are also an easy way to add privacy and increase energy efficiency by blocking cold air which would otherwise descend into your home via the conservatory roof. Any homeowners who have not installed conservatory blinds, or who have only installed blinds for the glass walls, should consider conservatory roof blinds as a means of improving energy efficiency for current enjoyment of the space and to add value to the home should it ever go up for sale. After all, if you recognise the benefits of a full set of blinds for the conservatory and conservatory roof, then interested buyers will appreciate them too!

While selection and installation of conservatory roof blinds may seem like a daunting task, reputable blinds companies are actually very good at making the process easy for the homeowner.

For example, it’s expected that your conservatory roof will have some irregularly shaped windows, and it is generally not a problem to produce bespoke conservatory roof blinds based on measurements taken at the outset. With just a bit of planning, you can expect to have beautiful blinds installed in plenty of time for you to use the space for entertaining throughout the forth coming Christmas season!

The In-Style Blinds Company
The In-Style Blinds Company has been producing bespoke conservatory blinds and conservatory roof blinds here in the UK for over 30 years. With our years of expertise and dedication to providing the best possible product for your home, you can rest assured that you receive the perfect set of blinds for your conservatory roof. No project is too large, and no conservatory roof is too irregular!

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