Twelfth night vs. she's the man

By: Scott Smith

She's the man comedy ladder

She's the man

Parents not knowing he left

she acted like a man, was impolite at dinner

pretended to be brother

soccer player with nerd

girl takes shirt off


[after getting hit in the crotch with a soccer ball by Toby]

Viola: [as Sebastian] "Oh. Right. OWW! OH, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! IT BURNS!"

She shows that she forgets that she's a girl and that when you get hit there it hurts...a lot.

Duke: "I kinda got into it with your sister's ex."

Viola: "Really. Why?"

Duke: "He kinda saw us making out at the kissing booth."

Viola: "Wait... you kissed her?"

This quote shows that she is pretending to be her brother and it is tricking Duke.


Twelfth Night

Her brother could possibly be dead

She was acting like a "baboon" was being impolite

Pretended to be brother

She like the other guy she was trying to trick

She and her friends were drunk and talking about sex.


Malvolio: "My masters, are you mad? Have ye no wit, manners, nor honesty, but to gabble like tinkers at this time of night? Do ye make an alehouse of my lady's house? Is there no respect of place, persons, nor time in you?"

This quote shows that she and her friends were being so rude that Malvolio had to come in and tell them to be quiet.

Similarities Between Movies

She's the man Vs. Twelfth Night

There is quite of few similarities between the two movies. They are usually mention together because of that. You cant really talk about one with out talking about the other. They both deal with a girl pretending to be someone else, and that person just happens to be a boy. Both girls show the difficult task of trying to make people believe there someone else but at the same time not let people figure out that she's not the right person and shes not even a guy.