Warming Up by the Fire

How to build a fire for survival

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A Campfire is one of the most important things to have when out in the wilderness. It has many uses from providing warmth, to cooking food, and even purifying water. A fire is a better heat source because it can provide warmth to multiple people. Clearly it is necessary when surviving in the wild. Read on to find out how to build a fire. Do it right and you just might make it out in there.

Step 1 Gather Supplies

You will need matches or a lighter to get the fire started. You will also need something to catch the initial spark like dry leaves, bark, or fire starters if you have any. Small sticks and big logs will be needed to keep the fire going.

Step 2 Make an Area for the Fire Pit

Clear an area to build your fire. The area should be circular and clear of anything that will light on fire. Add rocks around the pit to insulate the fire.

Step 3 Ignite

Place your items that will catch the spark in the pit. Use your match or lighter to ignite these items. Blow on the fire to add oxygen to make it grow. Add small sticks in small amounts to maintain the flames. This will get the fire started.

Step 4 Add logs

This is where you can get a little creative. There are many different ways to build this part of a fire. One way is to make a tepee with logs. To make a tepee lean the logs against each other with fire source in the middle. This arrangement is good because it can be used on wet wood and it makes the fire very hot. However because it is very hot it burns through wood quickly.

Other Ways to Do Step 4

Log Cabin

Place logs on top of each other in alternating directions. Build a tepee from the earlier step in the middle. This shape is best for cooking.


Place a log on the ground. Add sticks pointing in the direction of the wind on top leaning against the ground. This is good for when there are high winds. The main log will act as a wind breaker.


Place the logs like spikes going from the initial fire source. This fire is good for lasting a long time. You can light this type and it will provide warmth all night long.