Industrial Revolution

Graycen Brownlee

The Industrial Revolution

The Industrial Revolution when people come up with machines to make things better.

When It Began

It began in Great Britain, England

How It Affected Life

It made things from factories a lot faster than doing stuff by human or animal power.

Name Of Invention From Industrial Revolution

Spinning Machine

The Man Who Invented The Machine

Samuel Slater; 1790

Working Conditions

You have to work at longer periods and don't have time to rest for a bit. Working in factories wasn't fair for people who are working. They have to work faster in order to earn their payment.
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Child Labor In Factories

Child labor is when children have to work in factories or other jobs. Working at a factory as a child would be dangerous. You can easily get cut or squished from a machine. Children have to work longer and didn't get enough rest.
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