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Italians wanted to be a unified state, but different leaders had different ideas regarding Italian unification. The 'Romantic Republicans' pushed for reforms that frightened less radical Italians who turned to the Pope for guidance and the less radical Cavour, the Prime Minister of Piedmont.

Important Leaders

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Military Conflicts

Cavour brought Italy into the Crimean War to prove that they were capable of a progressive movement and had military power.Piedmont sent troops to to help France and Britain capture Sevastopol. This allowed Cavour to raise the of unification at the Paris Conference. There, Cavour and Napoleon III plotted to provoke a war with in order to defeat Austria. This war was not successful in defeating Austria, but it was successful in the sense that it united Italy against a common enemy.


In 1860, Italy was United. Venetia was gained later, in 1866, and Rome was annexed in 1870.
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Personal Commentary

While on the one hand the Italian state was eventually unified under Piedmont, it was not so much unification as it was total domination. Their tactic of gaining this unification was war which is not something new and is slightly repetitive. We have seen this all before just with a different people in a different place. Overall, it can be said that they reached their goal due to the fact that Italy was united even if it was in a way that exemplified Italian absolutism.

Quiz Questions

  1. Was Italy successful in defeating Austria?

  2. What was the goal of the Italian State?

  3. Who were the leaders of the Romantic Republicans?