Adolf Hitler

Anna Martin academic 1

Do you know the true story of Adolf Hitler? Hitler was a little different before he got in to politics. Back then he didn't do very well in school.At primary school Hitler showed great intellectual potential and was very popular. However in secondary school when it got harder Hitler stopped trying as a result.Later on at the age of 15 he failed his exams and was told to repeat the year but, instead of doing that he just left without an education.

When Hitler was 18 he decided to move to Vienna with the money inherited from his father.He went to pursue his dream of being and artist. Art class was his best subject in school. He applied to both the Vienna Academy of Art and the School of architecture he was rejected. Around this time Hitler became interested in politics. Before than he volunteered to joined the army during WW1. He won many awards for his bravery including the iron cross first class.


After WW1, in 1930 the Nazis were polling about 6.5 million votes and president elections Hitler came second.Later on in 1930 president Hindenburg was forced to appoint Hitler as chancellor. Later on Hitler had concurred most of Western Europe. He even when aginst his alliance with Russia and attacked Russia under Operation Barbossa. After ww1 and ww2 Hitler committed suicide with his long term girlfriend.