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Outrageous Jewels ~ May 17th, 2016

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Seminar Court of SALES

Ends June 30th....6 weeks to go!!!


Based on the RETAIL value of your orders and even counts your Biz Bucks!

****National Court of Sales: $40,000+ retail

***Cindy Fox Area Court of Sales: 24,000+ retail

**Fox Area Court of Stars: 15,000+ retail

*Fox Area Princess Court of Sales: 10,000+ retail

Consultant Name Retail & Credit
***Julie B. Potts--$34,660.00
**Beverly Beasley-Purviss--$18,443.50
**Ranh Win--$17,251.00
*Trish Bergeltt--$13,557.50
*Jamie Colwell--$11,467.00
*Maureen Graff--$10,700.50
Reenie Horner--$9,366.50
Heidi McRoberts--$8,042.00
Jennifer Dunow--$7,943.00
Lorren Jacobs--$6,701.75
Sharon Hale -- $6,562.50
Cathi Summers--$6,019.50

STAR 4th QTR ENDS JUNE 15th!!!!

Remember that you must be a STAR to start DIQ!!

4th Qtr STARS get special treatment at Seminar Pinkalicious Power Dinner!

Congratulations to ALL STAR BEVERLY PURVIS who will also get a FIFTH GIFT at Seminar and qualified for the Gilley's Prize Party on Day 0!!!

Current STAR standing:

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Thank you to last nights orders from Trish Bergelt and Dawt Zing!!!

We are about $1000 wholesale from surpassing the $400,000 Unit Club that we reached last year...and we will be passing this mark in mid May!! I know we can finish the HALF MILLION Unit Club by the end of June!!

EVERYONE WHO ORDERS A MINIMUM OF $600 WHOLESALE IN MAY WILL GET THE COVETED NEW, ON-BACKORDER INTENSITY MASCARA FROM ME!!! Trish, I'll mail yours out today! Sharon Hale and Beverly Purvis have earned theirs already too.