Pamlico Sound

The Largest Estuary on The East Coast

What is an Estuary?

An estuary is a body of water that is partially enclosed, where saltwater from the ocean and freshwater from rivers meets. Many different habitats are found in and around estuaries, and thousands of species of birds, fish, and wildlife depend on them to live, feed, and reproduce. Estuaries support wildlife like turtles, clams, oysters, crabs, and many different types of fish.

It's Really Big

The Pamlico Sound goes from Whalehead Junction at the edge of Bodie Island to Portsmouth Island. It is fed by The Oregon Inlet, The Hatteras Inlet, and The Ocracoke Inlet.

Estuaries are in danger

Because over half of the US population lives on the coast, estuaries are in danger. Coastal counties are growing three times faster than any other counties, meaning more sediment from construction sites, fertilizer, pet waste, untreated sewage, and runoff in estuaries.


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The Pamlico Sound

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How Estuaries Are Important

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