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Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We hope you enjoy our very own magazine, brought to you by R.A.W.!

Guest Editor,

Mikayla Langguth

What is R.A.W.???

R.A.W., (Reading And Writing) is a new club for aspiring young novelists, and "booklions."

R.A.W. is home to a number of students, known as the "booklions." Students meet every Friday during XL in Cyberspace. We also provide the school with a brand new, online magazine, created by the students themselves.

Supervised by Mrs. Beecher, the school's library media specialist, R.A.W. is a blooming new community that caters to readers, writers, and artists of all forms.

"The best word shakers were the ones who understood the true power of words."

-Markus Zusak, author of "The Book Thief"

If you are interested in joining the close-knit family of booklions, pop into the library, or see Mrs. Beecher for more information.

Art Room

For this issue we have only received one piece of artwork, by one of the club's own booklions.

The image below is a drawing made by Rachel Weiss.

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Not a "Figment of Their Imagination" - Students Use Software to Write Novels

Two of our booklions use Figment, a free online writing software program. Figment is owned by Random House Publishing and is used by budding writers around the world.

Participants in the Figment community can not only write their own novels and short stories, they can review/comment on other writers' works. Figment also provides "emoticons." Instead of thumbs up, or thumbs down, participants can add a "laugh" "cry" or "love" symbol next to someone else's work.

Figment participants get badges. They start as "Newbies," then move on to "Inkslingers," etc.

Mikayla Langguth, has been on Figment for over a year now, and although she has not published any large, completed works, she is working on several that she is keeping "under the radar" until they are ready for viewing. She specializes in poetry, but is working on a novel of her own.

Emma Herz has been on Figment for two months now, and loves it.

She is writing two different novels, in the areas of Fanfiction, Romance and Adventure genres.

One called "Promised Paradise" is a fanfiction of the television show Zoey 101. It is the story of Lakota Rose Levi, an 18-year-old girl making her way into a new boarding school. She makes new friends, but they have difficulty making her feel at home.

The other is called "The Wonderland Legacy" and is in the science fiction/dystopia genre. Alys Kingsley is an 18-year-old who is part of the Generation Alice factor. She has been unaware of what is going on in a separate dimension, directly related to what she is a part of. Can this new destiny bring her to her feet, or will she be that teenager living in an apartment above a restaurant forever?

Review: "The Book Thief"

Markus Zusak's captivating novel, "The Book Thief" has been largely celebrated all over the world and has sold millions of copies.

Recently made into a major motion picture, "The Book Thief" has reached the hearts of thousands of viewers. Here's what some of our booklions have to say about it:

Mikayla says: "It was one of the all around best books that I have ever read, and I cried throughout the whole movie. Beautifully done. A major success by Zusak."

Rachel says: "I liked the way that throughout the movie, her hair got longer. It helped me see the progression of time."

Set in Germany during World War II, "The Book Thief" tells the story of one brave young girl, Liesel Meminger, who dares to defy the oppression of the Nazis, and befriends one unlikeliest of characters. Join her on a book-thieving, word-shaking adventure.

If you are interested in reading Liesel's story, pop into Cyberspace and borrow the book.

'The Book Thief' Trailer

Poetry Corner

This issue we have had two poems submitted by Lilah Rak.

American Soldier

Minutes, Hours, Days, Years

I cry

Waiting for you to come


I bide my time

My friends have left me

I only have you.

Yet you gather your courage and spirit as

A warrior

A savior

Defending the innocent and forgotten

You don’t have a cape

No mask

Not even a...

I am selfish wanting you

You need to help others for

It is who you are the

American Soldier

I Miss You

Sun is filling up the room

I can hear you speaking

When I walk down the stairs

You are there

Clothing lying on the cold floor, unwrinkled

Smelling of mint and smoke,

Like you

I sit and wait for the date

With your wire glasses on the table

As I close my eyes and dream,

and dream

I thought you were mine for the keep

Yet you stay motionless

And not a word you will utter

I am bound to the earth as you

Lay in a silk bed to rest