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April 2016

Got Tasks?

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Mentor Opportunity!

The Induction Office is now accepting applications for teachers and TOSAs who desire to mentor new teachers through facilitating a Community of Practice for the 2016-2017 school year! Applications are due April 15, 2015. More information about this role is available on the Online Application Form.


5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Math Discussions, Margaret S. Smith & Mary Kay Stein, NCTM, 2011

This book presents a framework for orchestrating mathematically productive discussions rooted in student thinking. The 5 Practices framework provides a road map that helps teachers use student work as the launching point for discussions in which important mathematical ideas are brought to the surface, contradictions are exposed, and understandings are developed or consolidated.

NCTM is offering two summer institutes in Denver:

Looking Ahead!

  • Thinking about professional learning around math next year? L3=Launch, Learn, Lead is happening August 1-3. Registrations begins April 22!
  • Each year, CAP is reviewed for necessary changes. Starting in May, you will begin to see revisions around your 2016-17 units of study. The current CAP documents will remain available through June, 2016, and will be archived after that.


We don’t need students to calculate quickly in math. We need students who can ask good questions, map out pathways, reason about complex solutions, set up models and communicate in different forms.

- Jo Boaler, the Hechinger Report