Harpers Ferry Middle School

Mrs. Maranda's Class-Room 309 and STEM

Looking to next week....

We have a busy week ahead of us!


  • Wacky Sock Day


  • Twin Day
  • Sustainability Night from 6:00-8:00pm


  • Blue and White Day
  • In School Football Game at 1:30


  • King and Queen Day
  • Homecoming Dance from 3:00-5:00pm


  • Book Character Day
  • Early Dismissal-2 Hours


Join us to learn about sustainability. We have an exciting night planned for you! We will have several activity centers, crafting, and door prizes! Additionally, your students can earn bonus points in science-just for coming!


This week, we continued working on our Weather project. The students have tracked weather for two full weeks, graphed their data, and used this data to create a weather report and forecast. The students then got an opportunity to experience a green screen! The students each became a meteorologist and got to present their report in a newsroom or on a talk show! Students also worked behind the scenes as the film crew!

If you wish to view some of the videos (they are being uploaded-slowly!) please sign up for a touchcast account and look up my name-Erin Maranda or my channel-HFMS

Also, we began to look at climates this week. The students studied different climate zones. They then used this information to make a climate zone flipbook. Check it out below!

Social Studies

We continued to learn about WWI this week. The students studied propaganda-viewing the different types, and needing to decide where they came from and what the author was trying to make them do. The students then identified important events from the years 1915 and 1916. We began working on a collaborative project--Creating a timeline for the war.


The last project! Students in STEM are working on their culminating project this week. Over the course of the term, we have studied simple machines, forces, energy, and the engineering process. Students will tie all of these ideas today to create their own invention. The students began by using the engineering process to identify a problem they would be interested in solving. Students then researched information that might help them to solve the problem and created a solution. They have worked on their prototypes this week.

Needed Donations

Our classroom is busy learning through hands on activities. If you wish to help keep us in this learning adventure, please consider donating the following:

  • glue sticks
  • index cards
  • poster boards
  • non-vinyl gloves
  • tape
  • string (of all kinds!)

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend!