Genius Project Proposal

Blubbery Bodies By: Jillian Fleming

My Topic Is About Body Heat And How Blubber Helps Animals Who Live In Cold Climates Or Cold Water.

Hand why here is what i am going to do in my GENIUS project and why i chose this topic!

1. I am going to research body heat and why blubber helps animals like whales who live in cold climates

2. Find an experiment to present

3. Then plan the experiment

4. Create a tri-fold

5. Display and present the tri-fold and experiment

The reason i chose this topic is because I like science and learning new things. Also because i enjoy experiments and learning things with animals bodies and the ways there bodies work so this was a good topic for me because it explains body heat and how blubber or body fat helps animals who live in freezing climates or in cold waters not freeze to death.

How My Presentation will Look

My presentation will be set up on a table with a trifold, an experiment you can try, instructions on if you want to do the experiment at home, the ingredients i used, the ourose of the experiment and more! on my tri-fold i will be presenting about why blubber and body heat is so important to sea mammals. It will also be presenting other imformation but i'll save that for you to see on my tri-fold! I will also have an experiment on blubber to see which bag has more! The experiment will work by filling one bag with vegtable oil and then sealling another bag to it, i will do the same with the other bag but not add the vegtable oil. Since there is a second bag inside both bags will fit like gloves. You will be sticking your hand into a bucket of ice water and will be seeing which bag blocks the body heat from getting out of your "mitten." The reason that i am testing this is because blubber is a layer of fat in a sea mammals body that traps heat in their bodies so they do not freeze underwater! If they did not have blubber they would not survive and would die of freexing to death. I will also be showing my scientific method and how i believe the experiment will turn out. I will also be displaying animals who have blubber.
I believe this project will be GENIUS.