Win $500 in spring product credit!

It's ALMOST time to take some well deserved down time with your family and celebrate the holidays! BUT...before we relax, let's make sure we have a business to come back to in January!

Are you reading this and thinking...."oh, I'll deal with that in January! Leave me alone!" But PLEASE TRUST ME me when I say having shows on your calendar will make you feel far less stressed and so so happy when you see the new Spring line debut! You will be relaxed knowing that you are going to start the new year off with a BANG!

And we want YOU to have a robust display of jewels to debut in January, which is why your Associate Directors and above are giving you the chance to win $500 in Spring Product!

So how do you play?

It's simple.

We are giving you the rest of December...yes, that's now through December 31st to book at least 2 in-home trunk shows in January. When you have your TWO booked, you'll earn one entry to win $500 in spring product! Book more than 2 shows? You get bonus entries! So 2 shows = 1 entry; 3 shows = 2 entries; 4 shows = 3 entries; and so on.

We will be tracking this via the trunk show pipeline, so you must enter your January shows in the system by December 31st. We'll pull up reports on January 1st and all who have entered their IN-HOME trunk shows will have their name in the hat! (online and catalog shows will not be counted)

We'll have tips from leaders throughout this fun contest, and you may just want to watch out for some fun flash incentives on our Facebook pages!

We can't wait to giveaway $500 in spring jewels and accessories!!!

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TOP 5 tips to book for January now!

TIP #1

I just had a potential say she was TOO BUSY before the HOLIDAYS to have a show..."crazy!" I told her I totally understand and let her know that even better she could be my debut hostess for Jan and I sent her this beautiful picture. I offered her Jan 16th or 18th and she took the 16th! Everyone will be ready for some "friend" time!!

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TIP #2

Who are your BFF's?? They are the perfect hostess for January! You and your friends will have had their FILL with their family and will be ready for some GIRL time!!! Who of your BFF's can your reach out to?

TIP #3

Saw this picture on Instagram our amazing CEO wearing this gorgeous new piece. Let's Share It!! I LOVE this necklace, it looks so delicate and feminine!! Never have seen anything like it!!

I just printed out Jessica's on an 8 by 11 paper orientating it so it only prints as a 5X7. I printed out 10 of them and will be writing a note on the bottom of it. Here are some words to say. "

Hi Sara!! Hope you are having a fabulous holiday season!! I just saw this sneak peak of our CEO and Founder with her gorgeous little daughter and I thought of You! This line doesnt release until January but I thought of you as my debut hostess. Ill give you a call in a few days to see what you think! Chat soon. XOXO, Beth"

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TIP # 4.

Did you know you can host twice a Calendar Year! You can! Having your sample sale and spring debut in January can propel you in filling Feb too!

Tip #5

DOT DOLLARS!! Hosting a dot dollars redemption show can be a great way to Book Up January! Offer your guests one of your retired samples when they book in January. I have already booked mine in the system (used the dummy email for Wed January 7th. Why did I do this NOW? So I can invite all of my November customers that have earned them as well as my December Customers. Where am I having it? My home of course!! Can't wait to shop with these gals again when they swing by to redeem them!!