Mobile Phone Tracker

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How Mobile Phone Tracker Helps Finding a Lost or Stolen Phone?

Mobile Phone Tracker – A Security Measure

Today various security features are being associated with the smartphones that have taken off the stress of losing mobile phone. One of such wide-ranged security features is mobile phone tracker that enables the users to track, locate and lock their Android smartphones remotely. With this great feature, you can track the location of your phone and get your lost or stolen smartphone back. Besides, if you are not able to follow the position due to some technical errors – because your stolen phone might not be in network coverage area – you can still make your phone completely non-functional with few clicks only.

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How Mobile Phone Tracker Functions?

Mobile phone tracker is an SIM change alert function, which is configured with today’s advanced smart mobile phone. In this feature, whenever the SIM is changed with a new SIM number, your phone sends alert messages to the ‘alert recipients’ those are pre-registered in mobile tracker. After, receiving the alert messages from the potential thief’s phone number, and you can easily catch him/her by collecting the information about that sim user.

The best part about this feature is that you can add your family members or friends as the alert recipients. Whenever your phone’s sim is changed, the alert recipients will be notified with the new user’s number. This helps to find the phone in case of lost and stolen.

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What You Must Do?

The feature is no doubt fantastic, but you need to be on your toes with the phone data. Make sure you backup all the data, so that if you happen to lose your phone you can restore the data later. Besides, you should enlist the alert recipient the one who is always in contact with you. Entering family member’s number is a good option.

All you need to get the feature going in your smartphone is to register with your credentials. If you happen to lose your phone or it gets stolen, you can simply log into your account using the credentials and track the lost phone on google map. Moreover, you will even get an option of lock the phone, which makes it completely useless for the thief.

Wrapping up

No matter which smartphone you are using, you can take advantage of mobile phone tracker feature on most of the smartphones. Various online applications are available with the same feature of tracking, locating and locking of smartphones in case of lost and stolen.