Copic Art Markers

Tips to get started with COPIC markers

Tips to get started with COPIC markers

COPIC Marker Pads have been about for a while, but it just hit the scene as immense apparatus for the stamp, scrap-bookers, scientific illustrators, artists, card makers and many more. COPIC markers are an alcohol-based dye ink; they need a certain kind of ink to be well-matched while coloring rubber printed images. Additionally, this ink is typically everlasting on just about on any facade but the alcohol in COPIC markers reacts to the solvent and immediate which will spread an image stamped on the paper.

Below are the few tips so that you can learn how you can start collecting and using them:

1. COPIC Paper and COPIC markers are special:

COPIC markers were designed for the designers keeping the requirements of the designers in mind. Here are few things that make them unique and extraordinary:

• All these markers come with the replaceable COPIC Nibs or tips

And they can be refilled with more ink

• The cataloging side of the markers was marked so it will not wipe off

• The Copic marker consists of an alcohol-based dye ink. Through this formula, you can merge the color together without tearing up your paper like ink based on water

• The ink has a definite color steadiness so you know that your colors will always be consistant and even

• As the alcohol vaporizes, the ink becomes acid free, so it works great on paper designing projects

• These markers can be used for a lifetime, but are promised to last at least 3 years on the shelf. Which means that if they are capped firmly and stored away, they will still be good after three years

• Two of the marker styles are also well-matched with an airbrush method

2. Certain system is used to purchase the COPIC markers

If you are going to purchase the markers in the market, then it is very important to know the important facts about the markers like types etc. You should know the four types of the markers which is Ciao, COPIC, wide and sketch. Furthermore, there is a four-part classification system you can use while purchasing them. This classification system works with a numbering system that includes four parts like intermediate classification, color name, broad classification, and brightness. Some exceptions are always there.

3. You will require supplementary equipment:


There are two types of pens available in the market. The ink in the pen is compatible and waterproof with the COPIC markers. They come in different colors like black and many more.

Signature ink

If you want to stamp your images, then you require the ink which is well-matched with the markers. You can get even more reliable results by setting it before the color with your markers.

• Paper and Marker Pads

You will need a paper to do fun stuff with the markers. You can get the different brands of even white paper that will work with the markers. These papers are available on the market, and you can purchase them easily.

These are the few tips to get started with your COPIC markers.

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