By: Emma Mueller

Job Responsibilities

Pathologists are doctors who examine tissues, check lab results, and comprehend those results in order to diagnose and treat disease.

Work Environment

There are three main types of pathologists. Those are clinical, anatomic, and forensic. Clinical pathologists spend time in labs researching, anatomic pathologists assist on surgery's and complete on site biopsies, and forensic pathologists work in labs to and research cause of death.


To become a pathologist you need a bachelors degree, a medical degree, 4-5 years training in one of the three types, and finally you need one year residency in specialized training.


Pathologists can make amounts from $150,000 to $500,000

More Facts

-Patholgoists spend from 10-12 hours per day on certain cases.
-It can take 11-18 years of schooling
-In forensic pathology specialists use DNA fingerprinting and study remains