TAC News

January 2016

January District TAC Meeting Slides

This meeting really focused on SOPIPA and the changes coming down the pike.

Important!!! - Please Read

1. If you haven't already, make sure to schedule a time with Susan to do your Easy CBM and Ren Learning testing (Jan. 19th - Feb. 12th) or sign-up on Deerfield's Canvas site for Lab 2 time on your own for testing.

2. At next month's staff meeting we will have a short learning session for Typing Agent on how to use in your class and navigate through the Grit Coins.

3. There will be another chance at the Innovation Grant come February . . . more to come later.

4. Soon all apps that are focused on K-12 learning will be required to follow SOPIPA. This will take the pressure off teachers being held responsible for staying in compliance. Most likely not until next year. For more information on the Student Privacy Pledge visit http://ferpasherpa.org/


1. Aeries

  • For the last student at the bottom of the class period roster, when you input that student’s score, it OFTEN does not register, even if you hit “enter” after putting in the score. When you go back to retrieve or look at the roster scores, the last student’s score is MIA.
  • Work Around- Click Tab or click elsewhere on the page before they navigate away in order for the score to lock in.

December 2015

Important!!! - Please Read

1. Congrats to TK and Kinder for receiving a Chromebook AND iPad Cart to share as a team!

2. Start signing up with Susan for your Easy CBM and Ren Learning (Jan. 19th - Feb. 12)

3. Drops for portable classrooms should be installed by end of January - we HOPE!!!

November 2015

Important!!! - Please Read


1. Web Filters Issues

  • Seems to be only on people's accounts with reimaged computers
  • Contact helpdesk if you have problems


  • causing issues for a lot of schools and our softwares
  • Student Privacy Pledge - studentprivacypledge.org
  • Protecting student’s private information
  • Name, Student ID, etc.
  • Chrome Extensions
  • Must get signature from parent for opt in or opt out

3. Discovery Streaming - do NOT make new accounts for now * we are out of compliance on our licenses

New Things Coming Our Way

1. Clever - New one-stop shop for students to log into most of their IUSD accounts

2. Typing Agent is here https://iusd.typingagent.com/ *not required

  • Instructions
  • Email was sent out today (11/18) with the parent letter attached
  • For Teachers 1st Time Only: Username: e-mail address Password: 1234
  • Students log in through Clever http://clever.com/in/iusd using their GAFE account login info

3. Innovation Grant (due December 8th)


  • Describe how they are currently using technology with their students.
  • Show (through narrative, presentation or video) how receiving the grant could change learning in their classrooms.
  • Submit a short introductory video.

Pilot Expectations:

  1. Selected teachers must actively participate in a district-wide professional learning community.
  2. Each teacher will participate in two full-day trainings (release time)
  3. Monthly after-school meetings.
  4. In addition, teachers must contribute resources and share feedback through a Canvas course moderated by the EdTech team.