About Australia

by Erik Robinette


Australia, a country known also as the Commonwealth of Australia, is a set of islands far out southeast. Once a part of the British Empire, it is now an independent country. It is the sixth biggest country in the world, in terms of total area. However, culture is extremely unique in Australia. Read more to find out about the adventure and uniqueness of Australia.


Australia has many unique and wonderful foods. Australia is so unique in food that almost no other country has the food that they have. Sometimes, native animals make good meals for Australians. Even bush food, which includes nuts and berries, in which they call "bush tuckers" are a great diet. However, you can't beat their mind - blowing seafood.

Examples of some mind - blowing foods...

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Recess Activities

There are many unique recess activities in Australia. One is a game called down ball, which the goal is to bounce the ball over the offensive's head and land into a net. Also, they have several playgrounds at one school and others are allowed to play on the beaches there. Also, they have condo houses to play in.


Australia is in the area of Oceania and is in the middle of the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. It is almost as big as the United States and 3.5 times bigger than the United Kingdom. East of it is the Great Barrier Reef.


Australia has many unique and amazing landmarks for you to see! Each one will make you gape in wonder! Here are a few interesting landmarks...