Hardware and Software

BY Tobias

Want to learn more about Hardware?

Hardware is something that you can touch so for incidence A hard drive is an object that goes in a computer and if you take it out you can hit it against anything and it will not break.

Want to learn about Software?

Software is an object that you can not touch so for incidence Instagram is a software because it is not something that you can pick up and hit against something hard, but a Hardware can, every software is in the form of an app. You can not take it out of the device that you are using. That's why it is a software.


I bet you didn't know that a toaster is actually a hardware, it is a bit like a computer you out stuff in it so for a toaster you would put toast in it and on a computer you would write information and detail into the computer.

Computer Hardware & Software Lesson Part 1

storage device

A storage device is something that stores all of the things that you want to keep in folders like all the pictures and everything that you want to keep on your computer.

output device

common output formats are printed paper, sound, video and on-screen documents. They let the computer communicate, with the user.

5 examples of input devices

* Cameras

* Video capture hardware

* Trackballs

* Barcode reader

* Digital camera

* Joystick

5 examples of output devices

* Keyboard

* Scanner

* Mouse

* Remote control

* Webcam