Let's Party

Party Time

Having a party for loads of people but don’t know what to do for the holidays? We'll do what I do and DIY( do it yourself) Now I not going to go all crazy on you with loads to do but I will tell you about 3 holidays. The amazing Christmas, the spooky Halloween, and all about The 4 of July. So let's get started.

Red, White, Blue it has to be.....

The 4 of July is a great holiday not because of fire works because we get to be free.

Food- What you will need for the Flag Cake is strawberries or raspberries, blueberries, whipped cream, strawberry shortcake , kool aid mix and if you choose marshmallows. What you will want to rip the shortcake and then put in a pan with a lid. Next pour the kool aid mix with water and add ice. Now put the lid on and place the cake in the fridge for 10 minutes. Time to decorate, take the cake out and put whip cream on the cake all over. Place blueberries in the top left corner and make rows of raspberries/ strawberries but do leave space for the whip cream to show. But if you are feeling “sweet” you can put the marshmallows where the white shows.

Food- Now you feel a little to sweet so you're going healthy and doing a delicious fruit ca-bob. What you will need is a bananas, strawberries/ raspberries, blueberries, and pretzels rods.. You will want to slice the bananas into slices and put them on the pretzel rods. Then add blueberries and strawberries on the pretzel.

Decoration- Take red, white, and blue beads and put them in a clear jar and then put a flag in it.

Activities- You can always set off fireworks.

Singing and dancing it's Christmas!!!!!!

“The weather outside is frightful but you party is so delightful.” This is Christmas baby now the stakes are even higher the kids expect presents and a party. But don’t worry I have got you covered with treats that will be so good that people will ask for 4ths. Ready, set, snow.

Food- What you will need are chocolate cover and powdered donuts(mini), m&m’s and or skittles, pretzels(mini). You will first be making snowmen and reindeer. For the reindeer you will put the donuts on it’s side then put a red skittle/ m&m on the middle. Put a brown/black m&m above the red nose. Finally you will break the pretzels in half then place them on the top sides of the donuts. For the snowman you will want to put an orange m&M IN the middle the do the same steps until you get to the pretzels. For the pretzels you brake them in half and put them on the sides of the donuts.

Decorations- For a Christmas wreath you will want to have foam in a circle, a letter, and any stickers or things you want on it. You will first paint or wrap something green or red on it and hot glue on the letter finally go nuts and make it look as Christmas-ie as you want.

Activities- What you will do will want to do is be around the people you love and stay as happy as you can be.


Haunted Halloween is going to be well haunted at you house with the food and decorations but for the activities you’ll have to wait and see.

Food-You will need- pretzels in stick form and string cheese. First take the cheese and unwrap it now take the pretzel and shove it into the cheese take the cheese and cut it to the size of your choice then un-string the string cheese. Now you have a witches broom. For the next food you can do a trail mix. Take any food of your choice and mix it into a bool.

Decorations- Take a mason jar and wrap clear ribbon around it and then put 2 googly eyes on it then you have a mummy. Now you will want to have laid out carved pumpkins.

Activities- You can have a pumpkin making contest. Take thing around the house who ever can make the best pumpkin wins. also you can have a costume contest. But beware of the scare costumes and the decorations.