Ethics in the Workplace

Lesson 7

What are Ethics?

We use the the word "ethics" a lot, but what does it really mean? Ethics are basically your morals. They're what you see as right and wrong. Now this is really important for any aspect in your life, and most definitely in the workplace too.

What's Desirable in an Employee?

Good morals or ethics are very valuable to an employer and the success of a business. It also very beneficial to you as an employee. Its get people on your good side, and who doesn't love that? Heres a few things that employers look for in good employees:

1. Cooperativeness

2. Willingness to Follow Direction

3. Initiative

4. Responsibility

5. Self-management

6. Loyalty

Unethical Behavior

Unethical behavior happens all the time in the workplace sadly. And most of it stems from Dishonesty. Some other main areas of unethical behavior are harassment of people and breaking of confidentiality. Prejudice is also a big one.