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Keith Royer - December 2014

About Me

I am coming to Annville-Cleona from the Donegal School District. I have been teaching there for the last 13 1/2 years; in 3rd grade, then 5th grade, and most recently I have been teaching 4th grade for the last 6 1/2 years. I have served as a member of the Language Arts Committee, Head of the Math Committee, building-level tech, A/V Coordinator (for assemblies, plays, musicals, etc.), Producer of our TV Studio, Curriculum Council and Wellness Committee member, piloted a 1:1 computer classroom, and coached junior high basketball for 6 years. I have presented for PD and at conferences, ranging from the State-wide Title 1 Conference in Pittsburgh to the district level.

What is my role as an Academic Coach?

What it is...

  • to increase student engagement
  • facilitate onsite professional development sessions
  • co-teach lessons in the classroom
  • facilitate teacher participation in technology programs and activities
  • model the integration of technology into all curricular areas
  • model lessons in the classroom
  • assist teachers in securing resources
  • assist with analysis and utilization of student data
  • one-on-one, small group, and large group planning and implementation
  • provide non-evaluative feedback to teachers
  • an advocate and voice for you, the teachers

What it is not...

  • an administrator
  • a supervisor
  • an evaluator
  • to fix computer issues

How do you schedule a time? Click on the appropriate link for your building below.

Annville Elementary - Mondays

Cleona Elementary - Wednesdays

Secondary School - Tuesdays/Thursdays

Anyone - Fridays

  • I will need travel time (Fridays) between buildings, so please check the schedule before you pick your time.

*Schedule is currently set-up through the end of January.

Apps & Web Tools For All!

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