News From Mrs. Levesque's Class

Bethel Fun Run

The Fun Run fun has begun!! We had an assembly on Wednesday and hopefully you have registered your child and have started receiving pledges! Your child will get prizes as the pledges come in! We also have some class incentives: Hat day, crazy hair day, board game time, pajama day, no homework, extra recess, ice cream treat, ipad free time, and lunch in the room with a movie!!!

Fluency Checks

You may have seen one or two Fluency Checks come home. These are intended to check your child's fluency with multi-digit addition and subtraction. We have learned how to check with the inverse and I have encouraged the students to do this to ensure they are correct.
One if the biggest mistakes that 4th graders make on these fluency checks is rushing!!! They are not timed and I encourage them to take their time!
We will be checking fluency all year long!


You may have noticed your child playing a new game on the iPads. This game is called Prodigy and it's more than a game! It is a math based game! We just started at the end of this week so the students have been taking a diagnostic test that places them on their correct level. There are assessments embedded in the games and differentiation is automatic. Prodigy allows each student to succeed at his or her own pace.
You will receive a parent letter on Wednesday. This will give you instructions on how to register a parent account so you can view your child's progress.

MAP Testing

You should have seen your child's math and reading MAP scores come home attached to interim reports. Please look these over. We know they can be overwhelming sometimes so please let us know if you have any questions. Mrs. Pearson and I will talk more about the scores at parent/teacher conferences.

Math 4 Today

Please encourage your child to study their Math 4 Today each week. We have 4 problems each day, which we do go over! Then there is a test on Friday. The concepts will repeat each week so it is a great way to review throughout the year!
This week (week 4) you will see a chance for extra credit. The chance for extra credit will occasionally pop up on these assignments. Students always ask me, "Do we have to do the extra credit?" And I always tell them, "YES! Why wouldn't you?"

QR Codes

Here are some photos of the 4th grade scientists scanning QR codes. First, they answered questions about the water cycle, then they scanned the codes to see if they were correct! What a fun way to incorporate technology!

Science Quiz

There will be a quiz on the water cycle, clouds, and weather tools on Tuesday September 20. Hopefully you have seen your child studying the notes that I have given them (in their binder) and the notes in Keynote (on the ipads).
We still have to learn about Severe Weather and then we will have our final unit test on weather.

Unit 1 Math Test

We are almost at the end of unit 1 in our math book. Encourage your child to bring his/her Student Activity Book home so that you can check out what we practice each day!