Harriet Tubman

Created by: Bre and Michaela


She was born in Maryland around 1820.she was born a slave.A slave is someone who is owned by another person.most slaves couldn't play or go to school.


She could not play or go to school.she was a slave. She worked on a farm when she was 6 years old.She also cleaned houses. Sometimes she helped take care of babies.

School and College

In 1861, the civil war began between the northern and southern states.She worked as a nurse and a spy for the northern states.

Marriage and Family

She got married to Nelson Davis for more than 20 years. She did not have any babies. Then in 1896, She bought a piece of land in Auburn,New York.

Important Life Events

When she was 6 she worked on a farm. She also cleaned houses and sometimes took care of babies. In 1849, she ran away to Pennsylvania because she hated being a slave.


She lived to be more than 90 years old.She died on March 10, 1913. She spent her life trying to help other people. She did not worry about getting caught.