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September is for resolutions!

September is an educator's New Year's Day. Let's make some resolutions for this upcoming year. What changes are you excited about making? Do you have a favorite back-to-school ritual to get you primed for those opening days with students and staff? How will we create welcoming and affirming environments to set the stage for learning and community building? We're including a few gems here for you.

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Liane Benedict & Kate Ginney

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September Mindful Living Calendar

Get out of your head and into your life with September's Mindful Living Calendar

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Over 33 Team Building Activities

Activity 31 Creative Solutions:

This activity encourages creative problem-solving. Pick four or more different objects, such as a coffee can, a potato peeler, a knit hat, and a book. Split students into even teams. Now present a situation where each team has to solve a problem using only those objects. These scenarios can be anything from students are stranded on a desert island and must find a way to get off or survive to students must save the world from Godzilla. Give the teams five minutes to figure out an original solution to the scenario, including ranking each object based on its usefulness. When the five minutes are up, have each team present their solution along with their reasoning to the class. (Tip: Don’t make the scenarios so easy that it is obvious which objects will be most useful.)

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You See the World Through How You Feel

In 60 seconds, this video illustrates on of the key principles of neurobiology – our emotions dramatically affect how we how we perceive and respond to the world.
You see the world through how you feel. Developing resilience.

Supporting Your English Language Learners

On a daily basis, ELLs are adjusting to new ways of saying and doing things. As their teacher, you are an important bridge to this unknown culture and school system. There are a number of things you can do to help make ELLs' transitions as smooth as possible.

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Back to Basics with Breathing as a Resilience Practice

Triangle breathing, 1 minute
Highlighted Offering: SEL Teaching Assistant Network

The role teaching assistants play in the classroom is pivotal to the success of the single student or small group of students. Together we will dig into best practices as a professional cohort in the 2021-2022 school year.

Highlighted Offering: SEL Coaches Network

This year-long network is intended for instructional coaches and teacher leaders who support other educators instructionally as well as with SEL integration.

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How are you taking care of your mind during the school year? Please take time for personal growth! Reconnecting with our inner student amps up our motivation for trying new things or rethinking our perspectives on old things! Let's do all the things!