Miguel Cervantes



Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was born September 29th 1547 in a city near Madrid called Alcala de Henares. Miguel Cervantes struggled all his life financially. His father worked as a surgeon which was a low trade at the time. Cervantes moved around several times in his youth because his father was trying to find better work. He was an avid reader when he was a child. he studied under the Jesuits as a child and in his early teens he studied under the protection of a principal of a municipal school in Madrid called Juan Lopez de Hoyos. Unlike most writers at this time he did not go to a university.


  • Book Don Quixote

Impact on Today

  • Considered the founding father of Latin American literature by author Carlos Fuentes
  • Spanish majors are required to read Don Quixote
  • Famous in spanish literature.

Interesting Facts

  • Was a military leader
  • William Shakespeare died the sate date as Miguel Cervantes but not the same day. (April 23rd ,1616)