Elizabethan era

Science and Tchnology



  • founder of modern astronomy
  • developed a theory


  • made one of the first telescopes
  • Venus showed phases
  • confirmed Copernicus's theory


  • He was the founder of human anatomy


  • founder of human physiology
  • Pointed out Aristotle's error
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Elizebethan military

In the early part of the Elizabethan era, most soldiers wielded the long sword Rapier.

  • light weight
  • fine edge

Weapons included:

  • battle axes
  • long swords
  • mace
  • daggers
  • spear/lances
  • crossbows

Only by the end of the 1500s were muskets introduced.

  • became very common

Cannons started being made of bronze and iron because of its sturdy structure

  • ballista
  • trebuchet
  • mangonel
  • used on both land and sea

During this time England also defeated the Spanish armada

  • ships were smaller and faster
  • held more fire power
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Medicines and Physicians

There were many diseases that killed people. Doctors dressed fully from head to toe.

Common diseases were bubonic plague, typhoid, measles, and smallpox.

Poor people could not afford doctors and went to churches and "wise women" for help.

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