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- Issue 23 - April 4, 2016

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What's Happening this Month ...

Welcome Back!

I hope you had a lovely Easter break with your family. Although the geese have arrived, it still feels like winter, and I hope that soon the grass will start to turn green and the trees will have buds on them.

With the arrival of spring,it's hard to believe that we only have three months together as a class. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what we will be up to in the coming month:

Reading - Before the break, we finished up our book clubs, and will now be moving into learning about reading non-fiction/informational books that don't have characters, but facts and big ideas for us to learn about.

Writing - Our S.O.L. challenge was a huge success! The students learnt a lot as writers. However, it was also a good chance to see what we still need to work on, and so we are going to be spending the next few weeks working on a "Conventions" unit, where we focus heavily on the proper use of punctuation and capital letters.

Word Work - With the focus on conventions in our writing unit, we are going to suspend word work for a short while to focus intensely on learning proper punctuation and capitalization rules. The students will do daily assignments, which will be sent home at the end of the week for you to review.

Math - The Grade 4 students will be finishing up their unit on decimals - learning more about what they are and how to add and subtract them. Grade 3 students will be working on equations with a missing piece such as 4 + ____ = 16.

After this, all the students will once again focus heavily on their multiplication facts, before we then move into division!

Social Studies - We finished up our Science unit on "Sound" before the break, which means we will next be looking at "Governance" in Saskatchewan. We will use tomorrow's election to kick off our learning!

As always, if you ever have any questions - please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Take Care!

Nicole Frederickson

Upcoming Dates

This Week:

Monday, April 4 - Happy Birthday Ethan!

- Election Day - Kicking off our new unit in Social Studies learning about Government in Saskatchewan!

Upcoming Dates:

Friday, April 15 - NO School - Teacher Inservice