Valley View Patriot Newsletter

February 2021

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Dates to Remember:

Feb. 1st: Remote Learning Day for all students

Feb. 2nd: Group 1 (last names A-K)

Feb. 3rd: Group 2 (last names L-Z)

Feb. 3rd: Report Card Grades Available in Schoology (grades 1-2)/ ELRS Reports (PK/K)

Feb. 4th: Group 1 (last names A-K)

Feb. 5th: Group 2 (last names L-Z)

Feb. 8th: Remote Learning Day for all students

Feb. 8th: PTO Meeting on Zoom @ 6:00 PM

Feb. 9th: Group 1 (last names A-K)

Feb. 9th: Virtual Parent/Teacher Conferences by Appointment Only: 6:00 - 8:00 PM

Feb. 10th: Group 2 (last names L-Z)

Feb. 11th: Group 1 (last names A-K)

Feb. 11th: Valentine Exchanges for BRICK students A-K

Feb. 12th: Group 2 (last names L-Z)

Feb. 12th: Valentine Exchanges for BRICK students L-Z

Feb. 12th: Winter STAR window closes for K-2 students

Feb. 15th: Teacher Work Day (Asynchronous Remote Learning Day)

Feb. 15th: 100th Day of School (pending additional snow days)

Feb. 16th: Group 1 (last names A-K)

Feb. 17th: Group 2 (last names L-Z)

Feb. 18th: Group 1 (last names A-K)

Feb. 19th: Group 2 (last names L-Z)

Feb. 22nd: Remote Learning Day for all students

Feb. 23rd: Group 1 (last names A-K)

Feb. 24th: Group 2 (last names L-Z)

Feb. 25th: Group 1 (last names A-K)

Feb. 25th: Interim Grades Available in Schoology (grades 1-2)/ Interim Reports for K

Feb. 26th: Group 2 (last names L-Z)

Feb. 26th: Humane Society Donations DUE

After-School Tutoring

We are working on a plan for after-school tutoring. Please complete this form if you are interested in tutoring services for your child:

NOTE: tutoring will be performed by Valley View teachers (this is different than the options offered on the BCS website).

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Student Independence

We know that this school year has been tumultuous for our students and families, and our staff is working tirelessly to provide effective instruction given the parameters of each school day. Although we recognize the many challenges that remote/blended instruction create for our families, please understand that one of the most important things that parents/guardians can do for their children is to allow them to work independently. Our teachers have received numerous assignments from students containing obvious adult completion. Providing all of the answers to your child will not help them in the long run, even if good intentions are used.

We know that each house is unique in their circumstances, children may procrastinate, and many children may have anxiety surrounding their schoolwork.

Here are a few strategies to try to help promote independence/work completion:

1. Provide your child with a daily schedule/structure. Experts recommend kids sit down at the same time, in the same place every day so that starting work becomes as automatic as putting on a seat belt. We know that this is not possible for everyone, but a structured routine and a set space designated just for schoolwork can help students foster an understanding of responsibility. Start out with a lot of structure, repetition and reminders. At first, don’t rely on your child to drive the process, as they may not yet have the skills or the maturity to deal with the consequences of actions. Help develop good habits by providing a checklist of things to complete. Once organizational skills begin to develop, it’s important to back off, and allow students to practice their independence.

2. Use a timer. Let students know that they will not be able to play, go outside, etc. until their assignments are completed. Set a timer and stick to it.

3. Focus on the purpose, not the outcome. The learning journey should be about how to approach this, how we problem solve. For instance, instead of asking what grade your child earned on an assignment, say, “Did you try your hardest? Then whatever happens now is not important.” To ensure your kid doesn’t get stuck, place time limits on tasks. Or if your child can’t get past the idea of spelling anything incorrectly, a “spelling doesn’t count” rule—not worrying about or fixing spelling until the task is done—is worth trying; it can also help them avoid the perfectionist tendency to play it safe for fear of getting something wrong. If your child is consistently struggling with tasks, it is vital that you reach out to their teacher. We do not want students to struggle through an assignment that is too difficult for them - and we can work on accommodations or alternative assignments if needed. We would rather parents have an honest conversation with our staff instead of completing the work for their child.

4. Keep distractions to a minimum. This means no TV, toys, adult conversation, loud music, or phone calls. Seesaw recordings and Microsoft Teams microphones pickup more than you may realize. It's important to provide students with a distraction-free environment for optimal focus.

Students will not learn if they can't think for themselves and make their own mistakes. Parents can make suggestions and help with directions, but it's a kid's job to do the learning. We appreciate your support and understanding. Please reach out to your child's homeroom teacher with any specific questions or concerns.

Snow on a Monday?

If we have inclement weather on a Monday, remote learning will continue as scheduled. Our teachers will be teaching from home, and not in the building. There will be a combination of live sessions and assigned work. It is important that students attend sessions and complete their work as it is assigned. We will not observe traditional snow days on Mondays as they are already designated remote learning days. Traditional snow days will only be observed on Tuesday-Friday when students are scheduled to be in our building.

BCS Acceptable Use Policy for iPads

We have had several iPads returned to school from students who have moved. One common issue that we are discovering with the returned devices, is that there are several components of the BCS Acceptable Use Policy being violated.

This message is to serve as a reminder that the following things should NOT be happening:

1. Devices should NEVER have a personal passcode assigned. If your child's device has a personal passcode, please remove it immediately.

2. Parents are NOT permitted to sign-in with personal Apple IDs. Every BCS student has an assigned Apple ID, and no one (other than the student) should be signing-in to the device. If your child's Apple ID is not signed-in on their device, please contact Ms. Everhart for that information.

3. All iPads are property of BCS, and should be used for educational purposes only. These are not personal devices - and any tampering with the device/BCS settings will result in a loss of privileges for the student.

4. All devices must be returned if the student leaves the school, district, or state. Missing devices will result in a fee for replacement. I have attached a copy of the county's Acceptable Use Policy, which was signed by all parents at the beginning of the school year (through FamilyID).

If you have any questions, please reach out to our SySop, Ms. Everhart. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Health & Well-Being

  • If your child will not be in school, you must call the Main Office to report the absence (304-229-1970).

  • If your child is experiencing COVID like symptoms, please report those to Administration or the School Nurse (even during remote learning time)

  • If someone in your house tests positive for COVID, please report that to Administration or the School Nurse (even during remote learning time)

  • If you are waiting for COVID testing results, please report that to Administration or the School Nurse (even during remote learning time).

Thank you for keeping our community safe!

Face Coverings

Although Pre-K through 2nd grade students are not required to wear a mask in the school building, we highly encourage all children to wear them throughout the day.

Reminder: if your child rides a bus, they are required to wear them while riding to and from school.

Outdoor Recess

Students will be provided with outdoor recess as long as the temperature is 32 degrees and above (Real Feel). Please make sure your child has a warm coat, gloves, and a hat for outdoor playing. At this time, our playground equipment is still closed, and students will use the blacktop and track.

Touchless Bottle Filling Stations

Valley View now has two touchless bottle filling stations for students to use in lieu of drinking fountains. Teachers will provide expectations for these stations, but we wanted to let our families know that they are available for student use.

Staff Contact Information:

If you need to contact us, please call the office at 304.229.1970 or email the following personnel:

- Mr. Sherrard, Principal:

- Ms. Ematrudo, Assistant Principal:

- Mr. Sorg, School Counselor:

- Mrs. Cherry, Attendance Secretary/Registrar:

- Mrs. Legates, Financial Secretary:

- Mrs. Renner, School Nurse: