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September 7, 2021


Varsity Cross Country

by Ava DeVlaminck

This week the Dryden Varsity Cross Country team competed in their first meet at Cass Benton, Northville. Although this was a challenging course, the team pulled through for an amazing run. This race was split up by grade, so the team was divided among many races. In the first race, Jackson Spencer ran an awesome race with a time of 23:56. Next for the boys, in the other race, Aiden Fitchett ran a time of 19:30 with Noah Hall close behind running a 24:15 time. Next, Connor Wolff ran 27:48, Matthew Hickmott ran 28:59, and Matthew Livingston ran 36:08. On the girls' side, Audrey Napolitano ran 25:46, Ava DeVlaminck ran 28:23, and Lily Finnigan ran 28:28. Great job to everyone and good luck on the next meet on Saturday, September 11th at the Bad Axe Hatchet Invite!

Varsity Volleyball

by Lily Finnigan

The Varsity Volleyball team opened their season on Tuesday, August 24 with a win against Almont, 25-15 W, 25-18 W, and 25-20 W.

Both JV and Varsity Volleyball had great games this past Wednesday against Capac.

JV won overall with a game one score of 25-17 W, game two of 25-22 W, and game three of 15-12 L.

Varsity won all three of their games with a game one score of 25-15, game two of 25-22, and game three of 25-22. Attacks - Addie Tresnak 7, Becca Weiss 4. Blocks - Becca Weiss 6, Emma Raue 5, Addie Tresnak 4. Assists - Becca Weiss 35, Lauren Abromaitis 4. Aces - Lauren Abromaitis 6.

Varsity Football

by Nick Abromaitis

On Thursday, August 26th, Imlay City suffered a loss to Durand High School. The boys played an awesome game. Let's look at the stats of the Imlay City Spartans and Dryden Cardinals.

Jacob Burgess: 2 rush, -8 yds, TD 4/10 passing 51 yds 0TD/0INT/PAT2.

Cristian Rojas: 16 carries,81 yds, 1TD, 2 receptions 14 yds.

Julian Rojas: 10 carries, 79yds, 2 receptions 37 yds.

Lance Wolford: 8 carries, 43 yds.

Aaron Evely: 5 carries, 23 yds, PAT2 run.

Brady Redd: 1 carry 5 yds.

Dalton Sands: 1 carry 2 yds.

Unfortunately, the Spartans lost 42-14. Keep your heads up, boys, and let's get them in the next games! Go Spartans and Cardinals!!!

On Thursday, September 2nd, the Spartans suffered another loss against the Blue Devils of Richmond. This was a really good game! Lots of action, but the Spartans, unfortunately, didn’t win. Let's see the stats of the game from the Spartans!

Jacob Burgess: 5 rush, -20 yds, 8/15 passing 81 yds 0 TD/0I NT/0 PAT 2.

Cristian Rojas: 19 carries, 57 yds, 1TD.

Julian Rojas: 10 carries, 35yds, PAT2 8 receptions 81 yds.

Lance Wolford: 2 carries, 3 yds.

Aaron Evely: 9 carries, 52 yds, TD

The Spartans didn’t win, but it was a very good game! The next game is Friday, September 10 at Almont High School. The game will start at 7:00 PM. Go Spartans and Cardinals!

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, September 7th

JV/Varsity Girls Volleyball vs CPS - JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Project Graduation 2022 Meeting - 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in Library

Wednesday, September 8th


7/8 Grade Football @ Almont - Bus departs @ 3:30 pm, game @ 4:30 pm

Thursday, September 9th

JV/Varsity Girls Volleyball @ Caseville - Bus departs @ 3:45 pm, JV @ 6:00 pm, Varsity @ 7:30 pm

Friday, September 10th

Varsity Football @ Almont - Bus departs @ 5:15 pm, game @ 7:00 pm

Saturday, September 11th

Varsity Cross Country @ Hatchet Invite (Bad Axe) - Time TBD

JV Girls Volleyball @ Peck (*JV only) - @ 9:00 am

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Random Student Spotlight

Aiden Furneaux

A 7th grader who has been at Dryden for 7 years, Aiden enjoys baseball in his free time. His favorite thing about Dryden is his friends, and he's looking forward to his classes as he prepares for high school. After high school, Aiden plans to go to college and play college baseball. Have a great school year, Aiden!

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