Digital Literacy Final

Digital Footprint

What is a digital footprint? A digital footprint is what you leave on social medias its where people will got to get a glimpse of you, and its where companies will go to see if they should hire you. so your digital is very important because it describes you and shows who you are.

What is my digital footprint

Impact on my future

My digital impacts what type of job i get in the future and even now. It lest companies know what type of person/ worker i am. If i always post pictures of my at home laying on the couch or something then they'll think I am lazy and wont hire me so it does impact my future a lot.


This is helpful because I could have a better chance of getting a job.


Its also harmful because it could also cost me a job.


There are many ways I could improve my digital footprint, for example I could have posted more on twitter like pictures and links to things and really put myself put there. I also could have been consistent with my blog and written better post instead of just boring ones like did. Finally I could have also made my linked in better.

What I learned

The most important thing that i learned is to be more organized and not just that but to use my time wisely because it will cost you if you don't. I also learned how to improve my footprint online also that your footprint online is very important.