Chuck Baird

Bryan Lopez - 8th Period

Childhood & Education

Chuck Baird was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas on, February 22, 1947.

He was born Deaf.

He attended Gallaudet University for two years. He spent his first 5 summers after graduation at the National Theatre of the Deaf.

He finally joined the National Theatre of the Deaf in 1980 as an actor and set designer.

Why is he Famous?

He is a artist and he worked National Theatre of the Deaf as a actor and painter.


"Right now, I don't paint for the result as I used to, but rather for the process. I let it lead me to whatever it will be."

Interesting Facts

Chuck's work were known for the genre called Deaf View Image Arts.

He had cancer for 4 years.

Chuck often referred to a "playful mind and a generous heart."

He played football for only 4 games during college, he decided to leave the team because he said he wanted to take art classes rather than go to football practice.


Chuck Baird passed away on February 10, 2012 in Austin, TX due to cancer at the age of 64.