by: ashley sega

short & long terms that can effect you

short terms:

it can effect your brain and make you not be able to control your body

it can make you forgot about where you are at why you are here what were you doing

can infect your lungs the carbon dioxide is formed by the body into the lungs

cause blood vessels to expand

long term:

loss of brain function like visual, memory verbal skills

can damage your heart muscle

can build up fat in your liver and cannot break down

alcoholic hepatitis which is an infection of the liver


one of the ways is too stop or control of the alcohol

got to non drinkers and help families or friends and recover on what it can do with you

dont drink and drive

become a leader and dont drink alcohol

it made me feel that teenagers can stop and I feel that we can help people and stop it from happening and help teenagers not become an alcoholic