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What can you expect on this internship?

Are you interested in exploring and promoting tourism in Egypt, helping its economy and its people?
You've come to the right place!

As an intern, you will be:
1) Travel around 9 cities in Egypt and visit all the touristic places and museums in Egypt to see the beauty of Egypt [ Alexandria, Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Siwa Oasis, Dahab, Ras Shetan, Saint Catherine, Black and White Dessert]..

2) Fun activities like Safari, Diving, Camping in the desert and climbing mountains.

3) Getting culture exposure by exploring diffrent Egyptian personalities in the cities you'll visit.

4) Helping showcase Egypt to the world in order to boost Tourism

5) PHOTOSHOP sessions will be delivered in order to improve your graphic design skills.

6) Orientation session will be delivered for the interns on the beginning of the project to let them understand their roles and what type of preparation that will be required to deal with the orphans and ensure a delivering a good quality sessions for them to make interactive as possible.

7) All the interns will be engaged with our AIESEC activities.
-Showcase their culture in Global Village through presentations, clothes, performances, national food or traditional drinks.
- Attend any LC meetings,Conferences or events.

8) More over that We have an Reception and Servicing team making sure that the interns are satisfied with their accommodation and that they are picked up on time. This same team makes sure that the interns experience life in Egypt as a local and organizes events and trips inside and outside Alexandria, so our interns don't miss a thing in Egypt when they come for a GCDP.

All the interns will be working in :
A) Photography: Responsible for taking pictures at all cities involving people, food, culture and monuments.
B) Blogging: Responsible for writing about his experience in each city as well as interviewing citizens and write about their lives.
C) Editing: Responsible to collect all the material from photographers and bloggers and ensure their quality as well as editing their pictures, blogs and videos.
D) Social Media: Responsible for collecting the materials from the editors and posting pictures and videos on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, Wordpress, Youtube and Facebook.

TN fees 450 USD covering:
1) Accommodation in all cities.
2) Transportation between cites.
3) Food in all cities except Alexandria (Breakfast and Dinner).
4) Temples entrance fees and tour guides.
5) Some of the fun activities.

Alexandria is waiting for you :)

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Apply below :)

Get in touch with us at

Nimay Nadkarny- 9823281753 or

Akshat Bagrecha - 7767077451