Animal Farm

Animal Farm at a Glance:

Animal Farm, previously known as Manor Farm is the first farm to be run by the animals. That's right, we no longer live under the oppression of the terrible human race and are self run. Thanks to a brilliant leader and a very willing community we have revolted and gained freedom. Are goals focus on equal labor and equal consistent rations of food for all. No more being over worked and under fed, no more worries of abuse and being brutally killed for the profit of the humans. Please we encourage any animal to come join us on the farm and our revolution and contribute your much appreciated labor and efforts to help this farm prosper and thrive so our great vision can be conquered. We have elaborate dreams hear that ensure a life full of ease and happiness including a windmill, electricity, and running hot and cold water in the stalls.Our leader Napoleon is a very intelligent pig. He knows exactly what he is doing and it can be assured that all of his efforts and decision are for the greater good of everyone else. After all in his eyes the community comes before self. Come join us here at heaven on earth. Live a free, prosperous life, full of happiness and most importantly no humans. All your hard work final appreciated! Your wildest dreams come true! Come be free and enjoy life the way animals are meant to live! Long live Animal Farm, long live revolution!

Life on the Farm

Reasons Why You Should Join Animal Farm Revolution

-equal labor and everyone works for the good of everyone

-lots of food

-nice barn (improvements coming soon)

-life full of leisure and pleasure

-all animals are treated equal


-Great Leader