Peek at the Week in Project Extra

Cami Webb

Wow! What a Week!!!

Monday - PD Day No Class

Tuesday - 3rd/4th grade We started the day with the Gratitude Game which would be a great game for the family to play. I will attach the directions below. Then we moved onto trying to capture all of the snakes on a plane before the plane crashed!! Definitely a challenge! Students also worked on their castles and rolled to see which Cinderella would be coming to view it. It could have been Bigfoot Cinderella, Adelita, Smoky Mountain Rose Cinderella or Joe Cinders. They are also designing an online castle tour of the inside of their castle using WeVideo. Next week will be the final build of the castle and then we will see if they survive the attacks of some of the most notorious fairy tale villains!!! Finally, we planted our seeds for our Tower Garden!!

Wednesday/Thursday - Middle School - We also started the day with the Gratitude Game and discussed how gratitude can impact our growth mindset. See notes about Asynch Development for more details and for an assignment that all students will have for the month of November. Students then worked on their Exit games with Mr. Howard. We hope to have these finished before Thanksgiving to share with other classes. 6th grade planted their mini greenhouse and worked on completing their manors. We also tried to survive the Black Plague as we traveled along our trade routes between manors and kingdoms.

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Asynchronous Development - Gratitude and Friendship

Being gifted is not always easy. It is a far-too common misconception that gifted children are luckier or better off than non-gifted children and don’t struggle in any aspects of their lives. The natural assumption is that gifted children are academically advanced and therefore can sail through school and their childhood. What is not obvious to many is that some things that come quite easily to some may, in fact, be a source of confusion and anxiety for gifted children. One concept that can be difficult to grasp, understand and embrace is gratitude, which can be an all-too abstract idea for gifted and twice-exceptional children. The definition alone requires one to understand the concepts of thankful and appreciation – which, not unlike gratitude, require the ability to make emotional connections.

Write it Down! Gifted students may feel shy or embarrassed about verbalizing what they’re grateful for, which is where gratitude journals come in handy. This can be integrated into the school day by teachers, as we are doing, or into a daily or weekly routine by parents. Gratitude journals can be blank journals in which students practice free writing, or journals with templates or prompts that give students ideas for how to get started. The idea is simple: Your writing won’t be judged or reviewed; it is for you and you alone. You can be as concrete or descriptive as you’d like – the main thing is, put pen to paper and chronicle the people, events, and experiences that you’re thankful for. I gave each of the kids blank journals and 50 writing prompts. The idea is that they will write each day about something that they are grateful for. The prompts are only to help them if they have writers block. They are free to use any of them at any time or not at all. I also explained that they can sketchnote in their journals as well.

Gratitude journals are also a way to spur a gifted learner who is hyper-focused on measurable achievement or perfectionism to separate expression of their giftedness from specific accomplishments. This can help the child to appreciate him or herself, as well as the surrounding environment, without judgement or grading.I do ask that the kids bring their journals each week to class but they will not be required to share. We will discuss if this has been a positive strategy for them to help them see the positives that surround them and relieve some of the anxiety that they feel.

Please remind your student to disconnect from phones and technology for just a few minutes each day to complete their journal page. I want them to really focus and find all of the positives that surround them!!

Struggles with friendship has been a reoccuring theme in morning meeting so we will also use time to work on strategies for that coming up as well.

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Learning Plans Needed

I have almost everyones except for some of my 7th and 8th graders. Please fill them out and return to me as soon as possible! Thanks!

Great Resources - New Resources will be added to the top of the list.

I am linking some great resources that I found that allow kids to explore beyond our classroom!! I have added the facebook page for College for Kids. The dates and location have changed which could impact some of you one way or the other. I will be teaching again this year as well as Mr Danuser and Mr Howard. There are several payment options and Sue is great to work with.

TRYPS at the Playhouse

There will be another opportunity for students to sign up for a TRYPS performance camp at the Playhouse in Fulton. Januarys play will be The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe!! I am attaching the link below.