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Fact #1

In Athens they have a goverment called democracy and in the democracy they let the citizens of Athens make the decisions

Fact #2

In Athens they do school, poetry, art, sports, and yoga,

Fact #3

In Athens they have a group called council of 500 but in order to be in the council of 500 you have to win a lottery and there can only be 500 people in the council of 500

Fact #4

In Athens they have generals who command the army and navy and sometimes they might be judges sometimes too

Fact #5

In Athens they value stuff like temples, and anything that involves intellect and wit

Fact #6

When Athena beat Poseidon for the Athens territory Athena gave the Athenians an olive tree during the battle and now the Athenians have to do what ever Athena says

Fact #7

The Athenians were the ones who started the Olympics and they also take great pride in their writers

Fact #8

The last fact is about how it is easy for the Athenians to trade, sell, and barter since they are located close to the sea and that trade and tourism are easy for them.