hard ware

what makes my computer work


drives are an very inportant part of your computer the better the drive the better the computer there are diffrent types of drives some are better than others
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the monitor is the screen you use to look at what you are doing on a computer without a monitor you would not be able to see what you are doing and nothing would get done the monitor the better the picture you get
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a central prosseing unit is the chip in side your computer it helps your computer work the better the cpu the better the computer works it does loads of things
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ram is all so cold the random acsses memory unit its stores memory as all so leting you acsses it

the more gb the more store space you have and the more things you can store

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a ROM is a peace of machenary that help your computer run.its pourpose is to store memory and that memory cant be modifyed that is its pourpose.
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a mother bored is the central processing unit that kepes your computer running with out this inportant peace of machnery your computer would not run. you wouldent be able to do thing on a computer