MJHS Science Update

Welcome Back!

As we begin the Spring Semester, I thought I would try something new by making this flyer. I hope everyone is getting back into their normal routines. On this flyer I have included some important upcoming information and dates.

Science Projects

I just want to reinforce the finalization of this project. This is a huge part of their grade for this nine weeks, so It is very important to do well. The final grading rubric is already on Blackboard under Science Projects. Please help your child to review, revise, and finalize. There are samples for both types of projects and detailed information for how to complete their final paper and presentation.

Science Fair: Be sure to bring your tri-fold board to the auditorium for judging on the morning of Monday, January 25th. It should be set up before 8:20. They are competing for a spot at regional science fair at the University of Tennessee.

Research: Your final proposal and presentation are due Monday.

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Important Dates

1/18 No School

1/21 Test #8 (Periodic Table)

1/25 Science Projects Due

2/4 Test #9

2/12 Abbreviated Student Day

2/15 No School

2/26 Test #10

3/9 8th Grade Field Trip to WonderWorks