Enlightened Hospitality Course

Taking Hospitality to the Next Level

Looking to Improve Your Bottom Line?

  • We all nod in agreement when discussing the need for more training for staff.
  • We all nod in agreement at the acknowledgement that our staff plays such an important role in the overall guest experience.
  • We all know the Staff Manuals are intended to guide our staff, but we know no one's reading them.
  • We all know the venue across the street may poach your staff leaving you to start all over again with new, inexperienced staff.

With strong cultural barriers at the root of many on-going service challenges, borrowing from ideals put in practice at several leading edge venues, as well as hospitality evolution practices from across the world, Evolution48 introduces their "Enlightened Hospitality" course to help improve your bottom line.
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What Can Enlightened Hospitality Training Do For You?

  • Increased guest satisfaction
  • Increased guest check average
  • Improved Trip Advisor comments
  • Improved Facebook reviews and comments
  • Greater revenue for the venue
  • Strong & Favorable word-of-mouth notes
  • Greater guest loyalty
  • Greater staff retention

Enlightened Hospitality

Understanding that Hospitality Staff is more challenging "to reach" than ever before, which in turn leads to disgruntled staff, poor Trip Advisor comments, high staff turnover, fewer loyal guests, and overall poor guest experiences, we've put together a series of trainings geared to re-energize staff and give them a way of looking at the Front of House with new excitement, a greater sense of empowerment, and more rewarding opportunities for advancement.

Schedule, Translation, & Fees

The Enlightened Hospitality Course can be split into 2 time frames:

  1. 2x 4 hour Sessions
  2. 4 x 2 hour sessions

All instruction comes with native language translator with a F&B background.

For more information on our "Enlightened Hospitality" course, please reach out to us at info@evolution48.com / +66 813413206

Fees are calculated per the number of staff attending and any special needs or requirements of the particular venue.