Walker Nation Team Recognition

March 2016

Simply AMAZING!! our second month as a Nation and it was our BIGGEST. MONTH. EVER!! And to think we are ONLY GROWING from here on out!!! I KNOW April WILL be off the charts!!!! A BIG HUGE shout out to our NEWEST Regional Vice President, Allison Roth!! Allison is a busy wife, mom, and a physical therapist. She decided to jump in full steam ahead with her twin sister Bridget and she never looked back. Now, 5 months later, she lead her team straight to Region! Welcome to the VP Team Allison!!

We also want to give a BIG shout out to Ashley Akers for being in Qualification for Regional Vice President!!! We are ALL cheering for the Akers TEAM this month!!! Not a single doubt that the Akers Region WILL be born on May 1st, 2016!!!

And ANOTHER HUGE shout out to Jenn Cidoni for being in Qualification for Nation!!! I have NO doubt that the Cidoni leaders will pull together and step up to give birth to the Cidoni Nation!!! You ALL deserve THAT!!! We are screaming from rooftops for the Cidoni TEAM!!! With GTC right around the corner, we have SO MUCH to look forward to this month!!! Let's make this month YOUR BEST month yet!!!


Pay it Forward

Love ya,


Team Promotions & Qualifications

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New District Managers

Amelia Steinmetz (NJ) promoted by EDM Tara Roberto

Angela Fesi (NJ) promoted by Victoria Davila

Brittany Farrar (SC) promoted by Michele Newman

Erika Baldwin (VA) promoted by Nikki Howard

Gayle Severance (PA) promoted by RVP Allison Roth

Jenni Ramm (TX) Promoted by Melissa Walker

Jessica McDermott (NJ) promoted by Annette Weniger

Jocelyn Shoup (PA) promoted by Deepa Lemyre

Julia Savoy (NJ) Promoted by Meg Muha

Kenny Willits (NJ) Promoted by Megan Geibel

Kristin Bustle (NC) promoted by Stephanie Lamp

Matthew Fesi (NJ) promoted by Angela Fesi

Melody Appel (NJ) promoted by RVP Allison Roth

Mike Smith (NJ) promoted by Ashley Akers

Natalie Barron (NJ) Promoted by Tina Simone

Renee Barry (NJ) promoted by Jennifer Cidoni

Robin Frank (NJ) Promoted by Meg Muha

Sara DePesa (MN) promoted by Nikki Gladding

Sarena Banas (PA) promoted by RVP Allison Roth

District Managers in Qualification

Amy Coleman (SC)

Bonnie Stewart (NC)

Debby Monaghan (PA)

Dina Hendricks (NJ)

Jamie Young (NJ)

Jaqueline Cremer (NJ)

Jessica Dean Scheneiner (UK)

Miracle Mehnert (NV)

Rebecca Mccolley (SC)

Tiffany Bond (SC)

Abigail Schnapf (PA)

Andrea Stasinos (NJ)

Angela Clapp (CA)

Angela Parise (NJ)

Ashley Piccone (NJ)

Barbara Tonzini (NJ)

Beth Good (PA)

Cari Lara (Germany in Military)

Christie Schug (NJ)

Chrisy Pitchford (MD)

Danita Brown (NJ)

Darla Crompton (NJ)

Dave/Karen Daily (NJ)

Deanna Warchola (NJ)

Elizabeth Phelps (NJ)

Ellen Malloy (NJ)

Erika Baldwin (VA)

Evelyn Cartagena (NJ)

Fatima Rolo(NJ)

Heather Pion (RI)

Heather Stiteler (NJ)

Janey Tete (NJ)

Jean Fede (NJ)

Jenn Andujar (NJ)

Jennifer Gross (NJ)

Jennifer Moorehead (RI)

Julianna Malpica (NJ)

Katie Kucheruck (NJ)

Kelly Simpson (NJ)

Laura Grover (NJ)

Lauren Kessler (NJ)

Libby Gladding (VA)

Libby Zimbleman (NJ)

Linda Milton (NJ)

Lucille Maltbie (NJ)

Lynne Ross (NJ)

Manisha Rathod (PA)

Maria Givanna Funaro (NJ)

Maria Miller (NJ)

Marie Wroten (MD)

Marisa Holst (CA)

Mary Sloss (NJ)

Mary Talerico (NJ)

Melissa Katana (NJ)

Melissa Vitello (NJ)

Michele Haynes (NJ)

Penny Malyska (NJ)

Rachele Cipollone (NJ)

Rebeka Backes (NJ)

Rosanna Tinari (NJ)

Rose Selby (NJ)

Samantha Cieslinski (NJ)

Sarah Maybury (NJ)

Sean McGuire (NJ)

Shelly Martin (PA)

Valerie Jones (NJ)

Vanessa Bekarciak (NJ)

Victoria Shomo (NJ)

Area Manager in Qualification

Angela Fesi (NJ)

Annette Weniger (NJ)

Betty Jo Costantino (MD)

Julia Savoy (NJ)

Marie Thomason (NC)

Nikki Howard

Patty Roberts (FL)

NEW Regional Vice President

Allison Roth (NJ) promoted by ERVP Bridget Wilson

Qualification for Regional Vice President

Ashley Akers

1/2 Way to Region

Deepa Lemyre

Meg Muha

Michele Newman

1/2 way to nation

Megan Geibel

Lauren Wheeler

Qualification for National Vice President

Jenn Cidoni

Top Sales

Top 3 District Manager Sales

Nikki Howard

Annette Weniger

Patty Roberts

Top 3 Area Manager Sales

Allison Roth

Ashley Akers

Michele Newman

Top 3 Central District Sales

Meg Muha

Victoria Davila

Allison Roth

Top 3 Central Area Sales

Melissa Walker

Ashley Akers

Victoria Davila

Top 3 Central Region Sales

Jenn Cidoni

Megan Geibel

Victoria Davila

top sponsoring

Top 3 Personal Sponsoring

Melody Appel 16

Jessica McDermott 10

Julia Savoy 10

Lauren Wheeler 9

Top 3 Central District Sponsoring

Allsion Roth 30

Meg Muha 21

Annette Weniger 19

Top 3 Central Area Sponsoring

Ashley Akers 51

Melissa Walker 46

Allison Roth 36

Top Central District Sponsoring per Region

EAMQ Betty Jo Costantino with 14

AMQ Annette Weniger with 19

AM Meg Muha with 19

DM Stephanie Lamp with 10

DM Jacqui Zizwarek 6

RVP Allison Roth 30

Bonus Earners

District Manager Bonus

Allison Roth

Annette Weniger

Ashley Akers

Betty Jo Costantino

Elyse Standen

Jacqui Zizwarek

Jenn Cidoni

Jennifer Chappine

Jessica Cahill

Ken and Nikki Gladding

Kristen Domenico

Lauren Wheeler

Marlene O’Brien

Meg Muha

Megan Geibel

Melissa Walker

Michele Newman

Nikki Howard

Stephanie Lamp

Tina Simone

Victoria Davila

Area Manager Bonus

Ashley Akers

Jenn Cidoni

Lauren Wheeler

Meg Muha

Megan Geibel

Melissa Walker

Michele Newman

Victoria Davila

RVP Bonus

Jennifer Cidoni

Megan Geibel

AIT Earners

Level 1:

AM Kristen Wilson

NVPQ Jenn Cidoni

ERVP Megan Geibel

RVP Victoria Davila

ERVP Bridget Wilson

EAM Nikki and Ken Gladding

AMQ Nikki Howard

AM Meg Muha

DM Cheryl Bressi

AMQ Marie Thomason

EDM Deanna Sabec

DM Kristen Domineco

DM Susan Massara

Level 2

NVP Melissa Walker

ERVP Lauren Wheeler

RVPQ Ashley Akers

AM Michele Newman

AM Jen Chappine

AM Jessica Cahill

Level 5!

RVP Allison Roth

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