Neighborhood Treasure Hunt

What is in your neighborhood?

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In my neighborhood, there is a School and a Restaurant. What's in yours?

Objective Overview

You will need to go to Symbaloo to access most of these websites to complete the activity.

  1. Click on Symbaloo below, then go to 'Start Here' to locate your neighborhood on the Google Map. What is in your neighborhood?
  2. Listen to the neighborhood song! Get ready to learn some Spanish!
  3. Is your neighborhood similar to the one in the video? What is different? Same?
  4. Read over some of our neighborhood vocabulary. Jot down some of the vocab you were unfamiliar with.
  5. "Who are the people in your neighborhood?", 1970 song by the Anything Muppets. this song recognizes the different people in our neighborhood along with their jobs and how they keep of community safe. Click on the Muppets image to look over some of the videos of the people in our neighborhood. Describe 3 of the people you heard about.
  6. Go to the next website to read over a few more people in our community.

    Have you seen these workers in your neighborhood? These people and plenty more are here in our neighborhood to keep our neighborhood safe.

  7. Click on the Safety First. What can you do in your home and neighborhood to keep safe?

  8. Build a neighborhood with Mister Rogers.
  9. Click on Sketch below to create your own neighborhood.
  10. Compare and Contrast your neighborhood with classmates.