Resource Guide for Online Students

Info to Enhance Success in Starting an Online Course

New Learning Environment

Is this your first experience with online learning? If so, it is important to realize that getting used to the new learning environment takes a little time. As you become more familiar with the online environment, you will become more efficient with your time. It is important to communicate with your instructor immediately when you experience questions or problems. You will have a much smoother transition to the online environment if you communicate with your instructor.

With any new environment, the initial feeling is that you feel lost and don't know what to do. However, do not fear. GaVS has a lot of supports in place to assist in making the transition to the online environment a smooth and enjoyable one.

Resources to Combat the Lost Feeling

It All Starts with YOU!

An important aspect of online learning is taking responsibility for your learning. Here are some traits that you will need to succeed in the online classroom:
  • Time Management
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Technical Aptitude
  • Independence
For more information on each of these traits visit THIS website.
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  • Need email help? Click HERE.
  • Need Handbook Acknowledgement Form help? Click HERE.
  • Need help downloading O365 program suite to your computer? Click HERE.
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Live Online Course Navigation Help Session Dates

Tuesday, Aug. 8th, 7pm

This is an online event.

All New and Returning Students Don't Miss Out! We have new information to share. Join us and become a Brightspace-Daylight expert. Learn How to Navigate your course. Learn How to use the Daylight Tools. Having email issues we can help! Recording links will be posted after each live session. Attendees will receive a training certificate for their participation and attendance. Email the training certificate to your instructor for 1 extra point added to your first discussion grade.

Click HERE to JOIN the session.

The live help sessions will be available on the following dates:
  • Sunday, August 6 @ 3 pm
  • Tuesday, August 8 @ 7 pm
  • Tuesday, August 22 @ 7 pm
  • Tuesday, September 5 @ 7 pm
  • Thursday, September 21 @ 11 am

These schoolwide Help meetings are separate from individual Welcome sessions held by each teacher. Please plan to attend the meeting with your teacher as well. Your teacher will notify you about the date of that meeting on the course homepage.

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Additional Supports

Text to Speech Software

GaVS courses include a text to speech function. This can be found by clicking on the speaker button on the right side of the content. In addition, there are other free text-to-speech options which may be great choices to read beyond the course content pages, such as:

  • Mac OS X Text to Speech is the built in text-to-speech accessibility feature in Mac OS X. You can simply highlight the text you want read and press a button once the feature is enabled. If you are a Mac user and want more information on Text To Speech, please click the link above.
  • Microsoft Windows Narrator is an accessibility feature built into your Microsoft Windows operating system to hear on screen text read aloud.
  • Natural Reader is a free online program that can be used to read course content, assignments, and assessments aloud. For an explanation on how to use this resource within the course click HERE.
  • Announcify can be downloaded for Android and Chrome users as an add-on. It reads out loud any website you want.
  • Balabolka can be downloaded to a PC to read a wide variety of text files. Another feature is that it can save the audio format for multiple viewings.

If one of the options above don't work well for you, then let us know and we can point you to others. There are many free options available!

Extended Time Information

If you have an accommodation listed on your individualized plan for extended time on quizzes and tests, it is important to know that your instructor has to manually set the extended time. You can know that your extended time has been given by a key icon next to each item in your quiz list within your course. If you have any questions, be sure to double check with your instructor prior to clicking on a quiz or test.
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Student Code of Conduct

Georgia Virtual School believes school is an appropriate setting for all children and youth. The Student Code of Conduct is designed to support this concept by developing, through reasonable and consistent practices, appropriate student behavior patterns. Those behaviors and disciplinary actions set forth in the Code are designed to serve as learning experiences for students.

The Student Code of Conduct includes those behaviors having disciplinary actions and/or intervention strategies that shall be carried out by teacher, Georgia Virtual School administrators, and/or the student’s local school. The Code applies to conduct in the learning management system, synchronous sessions, or any form of communication whether written or oral.

Compliance with the Student Code of Conduct is expected of all students. This Student Code of Conduct applies to all students attending Georgia Virtual School.

Be sure to read the Student Code of Conduct before beginning the semester so you understand what is expected out of you. Ask your instructor is you are unsure where to locate the Student Code of Conduct.


Parents/guardians, you are strongly encouraged to set up a Parent Auditor Account so you can easily monitor your child’s progress throughout the semester. You can set this account up by clicking here and choosing the link to register.

By having a Parent Auditor account, you can monitor your child's log-in history, grades, feedback on assignments, and more. If you have any problems, please refer to the Knowledge Base for guided help and answers to questions by clicking here.

GaVS Special Needs Consultants

For any questions regarding special needs or implementation of individualized accommodations in the online course, please contact a member of the Special Needs Team:

  • Sarah Newman
  • Alan Hendrick
  • Kelly Gardner
  • Christina Hernandez
  • Kelly Walker